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01 September 2014

.CLUB Claims First Of New gTLDs To Reach 100,000 Domains Sold

.CLUB announced last Friday they are the first of the new gTLDs to reach 100,000 domain names sold - and in just over 100 days. It appears there are around 200 to 400 .club domains continuing to be registered every day.

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The Next-Generation Copyright Monopoly Wars Will Be Much Worse (TorrentFreak)

We've been manufacturing without a license in our homes for 30 years now. It's about to go physical. Maybe that will wake legislators up to the bigger picture. If not, we're in for something much worse.

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NATO Set to Ratify Pledge on Joint Defense in Case of Major Cyberattack (New York Times)

When President Obama meets with other NATO leaders later this week, they are expected to ratify what seems, at first glance, a far-reaching change in the organization's mission of collective defense: For the first time, a cyberattack on any of the 28 NATO nations could be declared an attack on all of them, much like a ground invasion or an airborne bombing.

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Social Media in China Is Not Just About Facebook (ClickZ)

Facebook leads the pack, but other social media platforms, especially coming from China, are the ones to watch going forward.

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MSN Messenger to end after 15 years (BBC News)

Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger will be switched off in China in October, marking a final end to the 15-year-old service.

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31 August 2014

Australian telcos back internet piracy crackdown (The Age)

The country's biggest telecommunications companies are willing to block their customers from accessing overseas websites hosting pirated movies and music despite concerns harmless sites could also get caught by the filter.

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30 August 2014

Microsoft will not hand over overseas email, despite order (Reuters)

A judge on Friday lifted a suspension on her order directing Microsoft Corp to turn over a customer's emails stored overseas to U.S. prosecutors, but the software company said it would not release any emails while it appeals the ruling.

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29 August 2014

Persian paranoia: America's fear of Iranian cyber power (The Guardian)

When Israel stepped up Operation Protective Edge in Gaza in July, a crew of hackers going under the name of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters readied their attack tools to show support for their Palestinian brothers.

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Data retention critics alarmed by Australian federal police breach (The Guardian)

Civil rights groups, legal bodies and information security experts have expressed renewed concern about the government's push to store greater amounts of phone and web users' personal information following revelations that the federal police mistakenly published sensitive information and metadata about ongoing criminal investigations.

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28 August 2014

The Struggle for Turkey's Internet (Freedom House)

Turkey is a battleground state for Internet regulation, according to a Freedom House report released in advance of the Internet Governance Forum.

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Second Round Of New gTLD Applications Back On ICANN Board Agenda: auIGF Discussion

The prospect of a second round of applications for new gTLDs is on the agenda for ICANN, with discussions likely to take place at an upcoming board meeting, possibly as early as September.

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Telstra blamed for high Australian internet prices (Australian Financial Review)

US-based internet accelerator and security provider CloudFlare has lashed out at Telstra, labelling it one of the world's most expensive internet providers and blamed it for making Australians pay high broadband prices.

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27 August 2014

.TV Value Grows With Changing Nature Of Media Consumption (New York Times)

The Tuvaluan ccTLD .TV has had its ups and downs since it was rebranded as a TLD aimed at the television industry. But it appears to be growing according to a report in The New York Times.

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Rewrite privacy laws to keep up with technology, says Britain's top judge (The Independent)

The law on privacy may have to be redrawn to keep up with rapid advances in modern technology and the rise of social media, the country's most senior judge has said.

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Secret Australian data retention discussion paper leaked (Sydney Morning Herald)

It's the secret industry consultation paper the federal government doesn't want you to see.

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American Facebook and Twitter users 'more likely' to censor their views offline (The Guardian)

Americans have been self-censoring their discussions about state surveillance in the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations in 2013, researchers have found.

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.ORG Grows 1.4 Percent To 10.43 Million In First Half, 2014

The total number of .org domains under management increased to 10,428,027 globally, a 1.4 percent (143,512) increase in registrations in the six months to the end of June 2014, the latest bi-annual Dashboard report from the Public Interest Registry, the .org registry operator, has found.

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26 August 2014

27 million South Koreans affected by data breach (CSO)

South Korean authorities have revealed details surrounding massive data breach that impacts 27 million people aged 15-65. The compromised data comes from website registrations for various games and online gambling promotions, ringtone storefronts, and movie ticketing.

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Parents set bad example by staying glued to smartphones (The Independent)

Parents who worry about their children constantly staring at their smartphones should set an example by not using their own devices so often - and set ground rules for screen-free mealtimes, parenting groups have said.

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Report: Consumers concerned about online threats but do little to protect themselves (PC World)

Remember banking before the Internet? You received printed bank statements in the mail and had to manually reconcile the information with the written register in your checkbook. I don't miss it, but I also recognize the convenience of accessing my financial data through a bank website comes with some serious security considerations. According to a new consumer survey from Kaspersky Labs, I am not alone.

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25 August 2014

Three Percent Of New gTLD Domains Contain Business Websites, 41 Percent PPC

Three percent of domain names registered in new gTLDs contain business websites, Verisign has found after analysing the common usage of websites using new gTLD domain names.

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How the web lost its way – and its founding principles (The Guardian)

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web 24 years ago he thought he'd created an egalitarian tool that would share information for the greater good. But it hasn't quite worked out like that. What went wrong?

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For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe (Washington Post)

Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who carries a cellphone, whether they are blocks away or on another continent.

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Between Coordination and Regulation: Conceptualizing Governance in Internet Governance by Jeanette Hofmann, Christian Katzenbach & Kirsten Gollatz (Social Science Research Network)

Abstract: This paper contributes to the recent move towards a more systematic reflection on the conceptual foundations of Internet governance. It is led by the question of how to define (Internet) governance in a way that is theoretically grounded as well as empirically instructive. For this aim, it mobilizes literature from the broader field of governance and regulation studies as well as sociological theory and applies these concepts to issues of Internet governance.

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New gTLDs Break 2 Million Registrations, But 4 In 5 Parked

Registrations of new gTLDs domains broke the two million mark over the weekend across the 367 gTLDs that have been delegated, 195 of which having entered General Availability. As of Sunday there were over 2,031,000 registrations according

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