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21 December 2014

U.S. Asks China to Help Rein In Korean Hackers (New York Times)

The Obama administration has sought China's help in recent days in blocking North Korea's ability to launch cyberattacks, the first steps toward the "proportional response" President Obama vowed to make the North pay for the assault on Sony Pictures -- and as part of a campaign to issue a broader warning against future hacking, according to senior administration officials.

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Things had been running surprisingly smoothly on the "Right to Be Forgotten Google Listening Tour" until Paul Nemitz set foot on the stage in Brussels, its last stop, on Nov. 4.

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Facebook blocks Russian page supporting Navalny, Putin's biggest critic (Washington Post)

In a sign of new limits on Facebook's ability to serve as a platform for political opposition movements, Russian users appear to have been blocked from accessing a page calling for a protest in support of a prominent dissident.

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20 December 2014

Obama Vows U.S. Response to North Korea Cyberattack on Sony (New York Times)

President Obama on Friday said that the United States "will respond proportionally" against North Korea for its cyberattacks on Sony Pictures, and criticized the studio for giving in to intimidation and pulling the satirical movie that provoked the attacks.

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Hackers are going after the Internet's very infrastructure. Here's why that matters. (Washington Post)

The Los Angeles-based nonprofit group that acts as something of the air traffic-controller of the global Internet has announced that it was the victim of a hacking attack last month. That's raising concerns because, while little-known to most Internet users, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- better known as ICANN -- quietly helps to keep the Internet up and running.

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19 December 2014

Apple 'failing to protect Chinese factory workers' (BBC News)

Poor treatment of workers in Chinese factories which make Apple products has been discovered by an undercover BBC Panorama investigation.

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The Future of Privacy (Pew Research Center)

The terms of citizenship and social life are rapidly changing in the digital age. No issue highlights this any better than privacy, always a fluid and context-situated concept and more so now as the boundary between being private and being public is shifting. "We have seen the emergence of publicly as the default modality, with privacy declining," wrote Stowe Boyd, the lead researcher for GigaOm Research in his response in this study. "In order to 'exist' online, you have to publish things to be shared, and that has to be done in open, public spaces." If not, people have a lesser chance to enrich friendships, find or grow communities, learn new things, and act as economic agents online.

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Sony hack: White House views attack as security issue (BBC News)

A cyber attack on Sony Pictures that forced the cancellation of a major film release is being seen as a serious national security matter, the US says.

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U.S. Weighs Response to Sony Cyberattack, With North Korea Confrontation Possible (New York Times)

A White House official said on Thursday that the administration was considering a "proportional response" against those who hacked into Sony Pictures computers, a retaliation that could thrust the United States into a direct confrontation with North Korea.

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The Lesson of the Sony Hack: We Should All Jump to the 'Erasable Internet' (New York Times)

This month's news provides yet another occasion for a friendly public-service reminder to anyone who uses a digital device to say anything to anyone, ever. Don't do it. Don't email, don't text, don't update, don't send photos.

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Researchers Make BitTorrent Anonymous and Impossible to Shut Down (TorrentFreak)

While the BitTorrent ecosystem is filled with uncertainty and doubt, researchers at Delft University of Technology have released the first version of their anonymous and decentralized BitTorrent network. "Tribler makes BitTorrent anonymous and impossible to shut down," lead researcher Prof. Pouwelse says.

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18 December 2014

U.S. Said to Find North Korea Ordered Cyberattack on Sony (New York Times)

American officials have concluded that North Korea was "centrally involved" in the hacking of Sony Pictures computers, even as the studio canceled the release of a far-fetched comedy about the assassination of the North's leader that is believed to have led to the cyberattack.

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Australian data retention laws: cost of setting up metadata storage scheme is still unclear (The Guardian)

The full cost of introducing the government's proposed mandatory data retention scheme is still not known, an inquiry has been told.

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17 December 2014

Google News says 'adiós' to Spain in row over publishing fees (The Guardian)

Google News shut has its Spanish operations and similar sites are contemplating their future as the country prepares to usher in a law requiring aggregators to pay publishers for linking to their content.

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Europe's Internet Use Surges (New York Times)

When it comes to surfing the web, Europeans -- just like their counterparts in the United States -- just can't get enough.

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Dutch data watchdog threatens Google with €15m fine (BBC News)

Google has been threatened with a fine of up to €15m (£12m) if it does not do a better job of protecting the privacy of Dutch citizens.

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Snowden spying leaks prompt millions to protect data (BBC News)

Recent revelations about government-backed surveillance have prompted millions of people to do more to keep their data private, suggests a survey.

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Detractors of Google Take Fight to the States (New York Times)

They have lobbied state attorneys general. They have hired former state attorneys general. They have even helped draft a menacing letter for one state attorney general.

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The Problem With the Plan to Give Internet Access to the Whole World (The Atlantic)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's coalition to bring the Internet to the entire world, a global project known as, was recently the subject of a lengthy Time magazine story by Lev Grossman.

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16 December 2014

Still No Ranking Advantage Using New gTLDs: Google

New gTLDs may have benefits in getting a more relevant, and shorter, domain name, but there is no advantage when it comes to how well they perform in online search results.

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From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular US web sites every year since 1996 (Washington Post)

Our goal is not to confuse or alarm you, but we must, as agents of the news media, speak the truth. And so we say, with all due solemnity, that if it were 16 years ago, you would right now be reading this article at

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Measuring the Digital Economy: A New Perspective (OECD)

Measuring the Digital Economy: A New Perspective uses internationally comparable indicators to provide a comprehensive perspective on the digital economy.

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Why it's so hard to kill the Pirate Bay (Washington Post)

The notorious file sharing search site Pirate Bay has been offline since it was raided by Swedish police last week. But a limited archive of the site's content has already reappeared as "," a site created by fans who had previously revived a version of a similar site, isoHunt.

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Dutch authority to Google: change privacy policy or else (CIO)

If Google doesn't change how it handles users' private data by the end of February, it may face fines of €15 million (about US$18.6 million), the Dutch Privacy Authority said Monday.

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Spanish Newspapers Want Google News Back (TechCrunch)

The Internet is like a delicate rainforest ecosystem. You remove one player and the rest suffer and die. That happened in Spain this week when the government there began cracking down on Google.

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