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24 September 2019

PayPal investigated for potential abuse by child sex exploitation rings (ABC News)

Digital payments giant PayPal will undertake an urgent audit of its global money transfers business given "ongoing concerns" it is being used by child exploitation rings in Asia.

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Former auDA CEO Allegedly Falsified Academic Record and Misled Investigators

It’s been revealed that former auDA CEO Cameron Boardman “faced allegations of falsifying his academic record and misleading those investigating his qualifications before his sudden departure” according to a report in today’s Australian newspaper.

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23 September 2019

Hurricane Dorian Features On Verisign List Of Top Trending Keywords For August

Hurricane Dorian, the most powerful tropical cyclone ever recorded that destroyed parts of the Bahamas, featured prominently on the Verisign list of top 10 trending keywords in English for the month of August with “dorian” featuring on both the .com and .net list, while “hurricane” featured on the .com list.

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CIRA Asks Canada's Political Parties To Adopt Its Vision For The Internet's Future

Canada’s upcoming federal election takes place on 21 October and the country’s ccTLD manager has put forward its vision for the future of the country’s internet, asking political parties to get on board.

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22 September 2019

Internet access is a basic right: Kerala High Court (Deccan Chronicle)

The Kerala High Court ruled on Thursday that the right to access Internet using mobile phone is a fundamental right under the Constitution. Justice P.V. Asha, in a landmark judgment, also said it was part of the right to privacy and the right to education.

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21 September 2019

Facebook's Suspension of 'Tens of Thousands' of Apps Reveals Wider Privacy Issues (New York Times)

Facebook said on Friday that it had suspended tens of thousands of apps for improperly sucking up users’ personal information and other transgressions, a tacit admission that the scale of its data privacy issues was far larger than it had previously acknowledged.

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Maria Ressa: "Facebook Broke Democracy in Many Countries around the World, Including in Mine" (Centre for International Governance Innovation)

In a Q&A, the Manila-based journalist discusses how Silicon Valley has “forever changed” our societies — and what can be done to stop hate spreading faster than facts

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19 September 2019

.AR Launches Second Level Domains

Argentina's ccTLD manager NIC Argentina launched second level domains this month in a 2 stage process with premium pricing before General Availability will see all remaining domain names released at standard prices. In addition, NIC Argentina now allows domain names with 1 to 3 characters for all third level domains (eg., but only 4 characters and more for second level domains.

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18 September 2019

Facebook Expands Definition of Terrorist Organizations to Limit Extremism (New York Times)

Facebook unveiled a series of changes on Tuesday to limit hate speech and extremism on its site, as scrutiny is rising on how the social network may be radicalizing people.

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UK Home Office to fund use of AI to help catch dark web paedophiles (The Guardian)

Artificial intelligence could be used to help catch paedophiles operating on the dark web, the Home Office has announced.

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PIR Rebrands As The New .ORG

It’s been a year in the making, and now Public Interest Registry has rebranded as The New .ORG, giving it a fresh new look “with a new, bold visual identity.”

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16 September 2019

TikTok's Beijing roots fuel censorship suspicion as it builds a huge U.S. audience (Washington Post)

A search for “#hongkong” on Twitter reveals a vast visual patchwork of the city’s unavoidable protests, including pro-China agitprop, sympathetic memes and imagery from the hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy marchers who have braved police crackdowns.

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Tech companies won't wait for U.S. to act on social media laws, Microsoft's president says (Reuters)

Microsoft Corp President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said on Friday that technology companies are likely to change how they moderate online platforms in response to new laws from foreign governments, regardless of whether U.S. lawmakers act to change a U.S. law that has allowed social media platforms to flourish.

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14 September 2019

Google Says a Change in Its Algorithm Will Highlight 'Original Reporting' (New York Times)

After weeks of reporting, a journalist breaks a story. Moments after it goes online, another media organization posts an imitative article recycling the scoop that often grabs as much web traffic as the original.

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House Antitrust Panel Seeks Documents From 4 Big Tech Firms (New York Times)

Congress showed the breadth of its investigation into the big tech companies on Friday, making a public demand for scores of documents, including the personal emails and other communications from dozens of top executives.

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12 September 2019

Host Violent Content? In Australia, You Could Go to Jail (New York Times)

Australia has held itself up as a model for cracking down on violent extremist material online since the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. But the limits to its approach have become clear.

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11 September 2019

California Passes Landmark Bill to Remake Gig Economy (New York Times)

California legislators approved a landmark bill on Tuesday that requires companies like Uber and Lyft to treat contract workers as employees, a move that could reshape the gig economy and that adds fuel to a yearslong debate over whether the nature of work has become too insecure.

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E.U.'s New Digital Czar: 'Most Powerful Regulator of Big Tech on the Planet' (New York Times)

For five years, Margrethe Vestager was the scourge of Silicon Valley, levying billions of dollars in fines and initiating investigations against Google, Apple and Facebook for violating antitrust laws and harming consumers.

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10 September 2019

ICANN Board Changes Sees Europeans To Hold Chair and CEO Positions

Maarten Botterman has been selected as the next Chair of the ICANN Board, the current Chair Cherine Chalaby announced in a post on the ICANN blog Monday, while León Felipe Sánchez Ambia has been selected Vice Chair. It means both the CEO and President, the Swedish Göran Marby, and Chair will be citizens of the European Union.

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50 U.S. states and territories announce broad antitrust investigation of Google (Washington Post)

Attorneys general for 50 U.S. states and territories on Monday officially announced an antitrust investigation of Google, embarking on a wide-ranging review of a tech giant that Democrats and Republicans said may threaten competition, consumers and the continued growth of the web.

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09 September 2019

.BRAND Domains Grow 10% In 6 Months To Over 17,000: Neustar

There were 17,188 .brand domain names with 11,663 being used, both up 10%, according to the latest .brands Industry Report from Neustar covering the 6 months to 30 June. And over 4 in 10 of these domain names are registered in Germany.

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Apple accused of worker violations in Chinese factories by labor rights group (Washington Post)

A report released Sunday by China Labor Watch, a nonprofit advocacy group, accused Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn of a litany of labor violations, including withholding bonus payments, rolling back safety training and employing more temporary workers than China’s laws allow.

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Think your iPhone is safe from hackers? That's what they want you to think… (The Observer)

Whenever there’s something that some people value, there will be a marketplace for it. A few years ago, I spent a fascinating hour with a detective exploring the online marketplaces that exist in the so-called “dark web” (shorthand for the parts of the web you can only get to with a Tor browser and some useful addresses). The marketplaces we were interested in were ones in which stolen credit card details and other confidential data are traded.

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Australians being stopped from watching live-streamed murders and terror attacks (ABC News)

New powers introduced after the Christchurch terror attack are being used by Australian esafety authorities to remove abhorrent violent material online, including live-streamed murders.

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08 September 2019

Facebook, Microsoft Challenge Industry to Detect, Prevent 'Deepfakes' (ThreatPost)

Facebook, Microsoft and a number of universities have joined forces to sponsor a contest promoting research and development to combat deepfakes, or videos altered through artificial intelligence (AI) to mislead viewers.

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