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REVIEW: Tigra Sport BikeConsole Bulky and Hard To Read in Sunshine

It took me a while to getting around to reviewing this Tigra Sport BikeConsole. Some ill health, becoming a proud dog dad and being a bit, well, lazy. But finally it happened. The dog was away for a few days and I got back on my bicycle.So I whipped out the bike mount and while I scratched my head a couple of times, I finally worked out that attaching the Tigra was simple. But there were these damned cables coming out. And to me, attaching my phone by cable to the bike mount is just a safety hazard. Or of course, the intended use is to attach the cables to a charging option. But personally I would have cut them off but I wanted to think about this as I reviewed it. At the end I still would have chopped them off. I’m not sure who wants to attach a charging pack as they’re on the go on their bicycle. Maybe a motorbike, but then my motorbike handlebars don’t have the space. Or if you ride long distances. But then these lycra-clad species are probably looking for slimmer and more compact options anyway.So anyway, getting underway on the bike I found the bike mount particularly difficult to use. In sunlight I couldn’t see the screen through the plastic cover. And tapping on the screen through the plastic cover on my Nokia Lumia 930 proved next to useless. And Nokia’s have screens that are able to be used with gloves.So I’m sure it will suit some people, but alas, I can’t find anything positive to say about it.The Tigra Sport BikeConsole Universal Bike Mount for 4.8″ Smartphones was provided by Mobile Zap. For more information, see For other bike mount options, see