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A $5 Billion Proposal to Fight Online Child Sexual Abuse

Lawmakers in Washington, after years of inattention, have identified child sexual abuse imagery and exploitation on the internet as an urgent problem. But as new legislation demonstrates, there are differing approaches to fighting a surge of the illegal activity, which tech companies are detecting in record numbers.

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‘Terrifying escalation’ in battle to keep children safe online as new figures reveal 300,000 people in the UK could pose sexual threat to children

The IWF says new figures claiming at least 300,000 people in the UK pose a sexual threat to children is a “terrifying escalation” in the battle to keep children safe online.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has today (3 March) revealed it believes there are a minimum of 300,000 individuals in the UK posing a sexual threat to children, either through physical “contact” abuse or online.‘terrifying-escalation’-battle-to-keep-children-safe-online-as-new-figures-reveal-300-000

‘Zoombombing’ Becomes a Dangerous Organized Effort

In recent weeks, as schools, businesses, support groups and millions of individuals have adopted Zoom as a meeting platform in an increasingly remote world, reports of “Zoombombing” or “Zoom raiding” by uninvited participants have become frequent.

While those incidents may have initially been regarded as pranks or trolling, they have since risen to the level of hate speech and harassment, and even commanded the attention of the F.B.I.

Internet ‘is not working for women and girls’, says Berners-Lee

Women and girls face a “growing crisis” of online harms, with sexual harassment, threatening messages and discrimination making the web an unsafe place to be, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has warned.

The inventor of the world wide web said the “dangerous trend” in online abuse was forcing women out of jobs, causing girls to skip school, damaging relationships and silencing female opinions, prompting him to conclude that “the web is not working for women and girls”.

U.S. to Hold Tech Firms Accountable for Spread of Child Sex Abuse Imagery

Legislation announced on Thursday aimed at curbing the spread of online child sexual abuse imagery would take the extraordinary step of removing legal protections for tech companies that fail to police the illegal content. A separate, international initiative that was also announced takes a softer approach, getting the industry to voluntarily embrace standards for combating the material.

The two measures come as tech companies continue to detect an explosion of abusive content on their platforms, and amid complaints that neither Congress nor the companies have been aggressive enough in stopping its spread. An investigation last year by The New York Times found that many companies knew about the problem but failed to quash it, despite having the tools to do so, and that the federal government had not been adequately enforcing a previous law meant to stem the abuse.