zw: All communications can now be intercepted under new law signed by Mugabe

[Reporters sans frontières news release] Reporters Without Borders regrets that the Interception of Communications Act was finally signed into law by President Robert Mugabe on 3 August. It enables the government to intercept phone calls, emails and faxes with the declared aim of protecting national security.”The promulgation of this law is further evidence of Mugabe’s desire to keep news and information under close control,” the organisation said. “Zimbabwe had already given itself one of the world’s most repressive legislative arsenals as regards press freedom. Now all forms of communication have been placed under surveillance.” see:
Mugabe Snooping Law Exposes Increased Repression
Last week Friday Robert Mugabe signed into law the Interception of Communications Bill, which in principle allows his government to spy on the private communications of ordinary citizens. As Zimbabweans debate the implications of the new law, it has emerged that many Internet Service Providers face possible collapse because of the huge financial costs of buying and installing monitoring equipment on their platforms. Under the law ISP’s have to meet the costs themselves.

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