.YU Slides Into History

RNIDS .RS English logoThe .YU country code Top Level Domain slid into darkness on Tuesday when it stopped functioning at midday local time.

The decision to end .YU was taken by ICANN back in March 2008 after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, the Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS) said.

At the same time as the ending of .YU was announced, the .RS ccTLD for the Republic of Serbia, came into being.

During the following six months the owners of .YU domain names were given priority to register their domain with the .RS ccTLD, an option that was taken up by 19,372 registrants in total.

Around 4,000 registrants of.YU domains have maintained their registration until Tuesday when they were no longer visible online.

To commemorate the demise of .YU, the Museum of Yugoslav History hosted a farewell party and now the .YU domain becomes a part of the museum. At the event, guests were able to get a glimpse of the first computer produced in Serbia and watch a documentary that showed the role of Serbian hackers.