YouTube Sucking In More Viewers

Step aside, boob tube. Online videos are becoming the primary form of media entertainment for many people. Web surfers spent about an hour more per month watching videos in November compared with January, according to the latest comScore Video Metrix.Specifically, they watched an average of 3.25 hours, or 195 minutes, of online video during the month, representing a 29 percent gain from 2.52 hours, or 151 minutes, watched in January 2007.The average online video runs about 2.8 minutes, giving the average viewer time to consume 69 of these productions. Gains Video Viewing Market Share
Approximately three in four U.S. Internet users surveyed by analyst firm ComScore viewed online video in November, mostly from Google sites like YouTube.Google’s investments in YouTube and its own video search software are paying page view dividends.The search engine has gained more than 2 market share percentage points in online video watching, according to ComScore’s latest compilation of monthly video watching. Google’s online video market share grew to 31.3% from October to November.

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