YouTube pulls the plug on homages to gang violence

A Times investigation has exposed failures in the video-sharing website’s monitoring system and prompted action to tighten securityYouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing website, this week removed over two dozen videos glorifying gangs and gang violence which had been on its website in some cases for over 18 months.Following a Times investigation into harmful and inappropriate material on Youtube, the website took down 30 film clips, most shot in grainy video showing hooded youths brandishing illegal weapons such as machetes, hand guns and even sub-machine guns. Google admitted they were clearly in breach of its own user guidelines which had recently been revised to deal with gang videos. bans some weapons footage in UK
YouTube is to ban footage showing weapons being used to intimidate people on its website in the UK.The new policy was being introduced because of “particular concern” in Britain over the subject, the site’s owners, Google, said.MPs criticised video-sharing websites, including YouTube, in July, saying they should be doing more to vet content. curbs videos fuelling gang violence
The Google-owned video sharing website YouTube has moved to counter criticism that it helps fuel gang violence by introducing new rules to ban submissions that glamorise guns and knives.The UK-specific rule will ban videos “showing weapons with the aim of intimidation” after criticism that fierce battles were being fuelled by rival members posting videos.

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