YouTube loses German court battle over music clips

YouTube could face a huge bill for royalties as it loses a court battle in Germany over music videos.A court in Hamburg ruled that YouTube is responsible for the content that users post to the video sharing site.It wants the video site to install filters that spot when users try to post music clips whose rights are held by royalty collection group, Gema.The German industry group said in court that YouTube had not done enough to stop copyrighted clips being posted. see:Google Ordered to Stop Copyright Violations on YouTube
In a provisional victory for musicians, filmmakers and other creators of art and entertainment, a court in Hamburg on Friday ordered Google to install filters on its YouTube service in Germany to detect and stop people from gaining access to material for which they do not own the rights.The judge, Heiner Steeneck, agreed in his ruling that Google was not directly responsible for the uploaded material. But he said the company needed to do more to stop violations.’s YouTube Must Help Detect Illegal Uploads, Court Says
Google Inc. partly lost a German copyright infringement suit over how much it must do to remove illegal music videos from its YouTube website.A Hamburg court partly ruled in favor of a suit brought by German music royalty collecting society GEMA that argued Google doesn’t do enough to monitor YouTube content. Google must implement features to detect future violations if a rights holder alerts the company, Presiding Judge Heiner Steeneck said in a ruling that gave both sides reason to declare victory. could face huge royalty bill for music in German case
A German court ruled today that Google-owned YouTube is solely responsible for the content that users upload and post on the video-sharing Web site, a decision that could have massive implications for the company.YouTube could be forced to pay royalties to those whose music copyright was infringed upon. It was also ordered to install word-based filters to bolster its existing filtering system to prevent further infringement of copyrighted work. loses music clip copyright battle in court
YouTube must take down copyrighted clips of music, a German court has ruled, in a move that could be a step towards forcing it to pay large sums in royalties.The move is a fresh setback for Google’s video site after a US appeals court this month reopened a $1bn (£620m) case brought by media conglomerate Viacom, as well as the Premier League and other media companies against YouTube in the US over copyrighted videos on the site.

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