YouTube Hijacking: A RIPE NCC RIS case study

RIPE have published a report that shows how the hijacking of YouTube traffic by Pakistan was seen by RIPE NCC’s Routing Information Service (RIS) and how, in general, one can use the RIS tools to obtain hard data on network events. The RIPE report gives an event timeline and analysis. RIPE note the event happened in a relatively short time interval, YouTube had reacted within 80 minutes and all the major events finished after about two hours.While RIPE’s report showed that the tools provided by RIPE NCC (such as RISwhois and BGPlay) can help in following and analysing events even on such a short timeline, we also note that unauthorised announcements like this can be prevented from spreading throughout the Internet by appropriate routing configuration by operators of Autonomous Systems. The RIPE NCC provides the RIPE Routing Registry in order to facilitate such configuration. Currently the RIPE community is discussing the introduction of digital certificates for Internet number resources. These certificates are intended to provide a tool to further enhance routing configuration throughout the Internet.The full report is available from RIPE at while CircleID has a posting on the RIPE report at

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