You’re only as good as Google says you are

The importance of being noticed by Google, and how to get noticed by Google, are addressed in an article from Money Magazine published by CNN. The article begins by examining “Scott Burkett,” where eight of the top 10 results when you search his name, and most of the next 20, point to the 38-year-old chief executive of PlayMotion, a small video-game company.”Everyone is going to see this stuff,” says Burkett. “It’s not just customers and investors who look you up. It’s everyone.”And this includes “the person who may find you your next job. According to ExecuNet, a career-networking company for executives, more than 80% of recruiters use Google to uncover information on candidates.”To get noticed by Google the article suggests one starts a blog, buys their own domain name and burying the bad stuff.The full article on CNN is available from

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