Yahoo tells Microsoft: ‘Buy us’

Yahoo said the “For Sale” sign is still on its front lawn and that Microsoft should buy the company.The internet portal’s co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang made the comment despite the fact Yahoo rejected a $33 (£21) a share offer from Microsoft back in May.Mr Yang’s suggestion also came hours after Google pulled out of an internet advertising partnership with Yahoo.”To this day the best thing for Microsoft to do is buy Yahoo,” said Mr Yang.! admits it is open to new Microsoft bid
Jerry Yang, Yahoo!’s chief executive, has admitted that he is open to a new deal with Microsoft after the web portal’s advertising partnership with Google fell apart yesterday.Mr Yang, speaking after Google backed out of the deal, made a U-turn on his previous sentiment toward a takeover by Microsoft, when he fiercely resisted an unsolicited takeover bid in May. in precarious position as its CEO beckons to Microsoft
Just a day after Google Inc. walked away from a proposed search advertising partnership with Yahoo Inc., the latter firm’s CEO said a takeover by Microsoft Corp. would now be the best thing for his company.Some industry observers maintain that Google’s decision to walk away from the proposed deal could be the death knell for Yahoo, forcing it into the arms of Microsoft or another company, like AOL. CEO Jerry Yang may think so too, as he said yesterday that the company is now willing to negotiate a sale price that’s below the figure Microsoft rejected during negotiations last spring.;289135097Yang’s No Longer Playing Hard to Get but Is Microsoft Playing?
In what’s become the equivalent of watching a fish flop around outside of water, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang has now come forward with a new plea for Microsoft to purchase his struggling company. Just hours after Google announced it was pulling out of its planned search advertising partnership with Yahoo, Yang displayed what’s widely being interpreted as a new level of desperation. to Ballmer: Microsoft should buy Yahoo [IDG]
Yahoo CEO tells his Microsoft counterpart he’s ready to come back to the negotiating table with a new asking priceYahoo CEO Jerry Yang has a message for his Microsoft counterpart Steve Ballmer: Microsoft should buy Yahoo, and Ballmer only has to say the word and Yang will be sitting at the negotiating table.”To this day I would say that the best thing for Microsoft to do is to buy Yahoo,” Yang said during a keynote appearance at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday. CEO pours cold water on Yahoo interest
Software giant Microsoft Corp dismissed speculation it might still be interested in a takeover of Internet firm Yahoo Inc.”We made an offer, we made another offer … We moved on,” Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer told a business luncheon in Sydney on Friday when asked for the firm’s plans after a partnership between Yahoo and Google Inc fell through this week. and Yahoo Say Deal Would Have Survived a Suit
A day after Google walked away from an advertising partnership with Yahoo, Eric E. Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, said he believed that the companies would have been successful if they had chosen to defend the deal in court.

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