Yahoo says yes to limited Microsoft talks

Yahoo has confirmed its willingness to discuss a new, more limited deal with Microsoft over combining the two companies’ advertising businesses, just as the embattled web firm tries to push through a similar deal with Google.The internet company issued a statement last night after Microsoft said it had proposed an online advertising deal with Yahoo, two weeks after the colapse of talks about a potential takeover of the Silicon Valley firm for $47.5bn (£24.4bn). Yahoo again, Microsoft shows need for a Web franchise
Two weeks after walking away from takeover talks with Yahoo, Microsoft made clear on Sunday that it still needed to create an Internet powerhouse that could rival Google — and that its interest in Yahoo had not waned.Microsoft said on Sunday that it had approached Yahoo, this time with an ostensibly more narrow aim: a collaboration on Internet advertising. But it hinted that it could still seek a merger down the road. goes back to Yahoo! with offer of merger deal
Microsoft has contacted Yahoo! over the last few days to explore the possibility of buying part of the online search engine, and hinted that it may still consider launching another bid for the entire group.It is thought that the new talks have centred on merging the two companies’s online search businesses. mulls Microsoft response
Google’s bosses are meeting in Britain on Monday evening to discuss a response to Microsoft’s new talks with Yahoo.Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt and the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are at the company’s European “Zeitgeist” meeting in Hertfordshire. or Microsoft: Yahoo Should Pick Both
Yahoo might well be able to have its Google cake and eat Microsoft’s market share, too.Faced with the prospect that Yahoo might give some of its search advertising business to Google, Microsoft recovered from its “we’ve moved on” tantrum and proposed combining its search ad business with that of Yahoo. Gamble, but What if He Wins?
About a month a half ago, Carl Icahn and I went to dinner at Tse Yang, an upscale Chinese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Mr. Icahn, the corporate raider turned activist investor, came blustering through the dimly lit restaurant about 20 minutes late, grabbed one of the waiters — they all know him — and ordered a martini., Yahoo Circle Game Goes Another Round
The never-ending Microhoo saga has left many investors feeling downright whipsawed as they watched events careen from one extreme to the other — and that was after the merger was supposedly dead in the water.

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