Yahoo says all of its 3bn accounts were affected by 2013 hacking

Yahoo said on Tuesday that every one of its 3bn accounts was affected by a 2013 data theft at the tech company, tripling its earlier estimate of the largest breach in history.

The company, now part of Verizon Communications, said last December that data from more than 1bn user accounts was compromised by hackers in August 2013.

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Yahoo hack: 2013 breach affected all 3 billion of its accounts, tripling originally reported number [AP]
Yahoo has tripled down on what was already the largest data breach in history, saying it affected all 3 billion of its accounts, not the 1 billion it revealed late last year.

Yahoo Triples Likely Scope of '13 Hack to 3 Billion Users
Yahoo, the internet company acquired by Verizon Communications Inc. this year, now believes a 2013 security breach exposed all 3 billion of its users at the time.

The assessment, based on new intelligence obtained after the $4.5 billion acquisition, compares with Yahoo’s initial estimate that 1 billion accounts were compromised. The information stolen didn’t include passwords in clear text, payment data or bank accounts. Yahoo is notifying users.

All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Affected by 2013 Attack
It was the biggest known breach of a company’s computer network. And now, it is even bigger.

Verizon Communications, which acquired Yahoo this year, said on Tuesday that a previously disclosed attack that had occurred in 2013 affected all three billion of Yahoo’s user accounts.

Last year, Yahoo said the 2013 attack on its network had affected one billion accounts. Three months before that, the company also disclosed a separate attack, which had occurred in 2014, that had affected 500 million accounts.

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