Yahoo launches Axis browser

Yahoo has launched a new browser for Apple’s mobile devices called Axis. The browser, which is also available on desktops through plug-ins for the four major browsers, is designed to let you move between your devices and look at the same searches.Search results show up as thumbnails on users’ home screens, to which you can pin favorites or pages to read later. The home screens also feature what searches you conducted on other devices through Axis, though it takes a couple of minutes to sync. Users will have to sign in to Yahoo accounts to use syncing. see:Amid Turmoil, Yahoo Jumps Into Browser Wars
Yahoo Inc. has a few things going on lately: A new chief executive is in place after a scandal felled his predecessor, the company’s share of the display ad market is shrinking, and gaining ground on Google Inc. in search is still proving elusive.Despite it all, Yahoo has had the time and energy to develop its own Internet browser, which it has dubbed Axis.Yahoo unveiled the new browser Wednesday, touting it as a way to peek into different websites on a mobile device or computer without having to leave a primary search bar.

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