Yahoo chief opens the mobile web

Yahoo chief Jerry Yang has revealed the firm’s future ambitions for an open and mobile web.Central to the company’s aims is allowing third party software developers to create small applications which can run in Yahoo portals.The first Yahoo platform to allow these widgets, as they are known, will be Go 3.0, developed for mobile phones. : Yahoo invites third-party mobile widget developers [IDG]
Yahoo Inc. today plans to introduce new versions of its two primary mobile services, and it expects to launch documentation that will let any developer or publisher write mobile widgets for the Yahoo services. CEO Jerry Yang: The Mobile Web Needs Openness
Yahoo is going more mobile than ever. The company announced a new version of its mobile client application, Yahoo Go 3.0, and a new developer platform for mobile applications at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday. moves to counter Google mobiles push
The internet group has unveiled technology aimed at developers and publishers who want to create applications that will run on many different mobile handsets

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