Would you trust Vladimir Putin with the keys to the web?

There are not many reasons for going to Dubai in December. In fact, there are not many reasons for going to Dubai full stop, but here’s one possible exception. Next month the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is holding the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) in that benighted city. The purpose of the conference is to review the current international telecommunications regulations (ITRs), which “serve as the binding global treaty designed to facilitate international interconnection and interoperability of information and communication services”.Riveting stuff, eh? Before deciding whether to book a flight, you click on the link on the ITU site labelled “participation”. There is a link labelled “announced list of participants”. So you click on that, and up comes a page that says “administrative document 4” with a 1980s-style image of a key and the words “document restricted to TIES users” – or in other words, “member states, sector members, associates and academia”. And suddenly you’re back in a 1950s world of UN bureaucrats on tax-free salaries deciding global issues in secret conclaves.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/nov/25/vladimir-putin-plot-internet-freedomAlso see:The Russians said what?!
With sad inevitability, fears that the WCIT conference was always going to be about surreptitious efforts by the ITU and some countries (read Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia) to take over the Internet came true last week.

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