Worldwide music download information campaign helps parents and teachers advise children

The charity Childnet is launching a global information campaign to warn children about the potential dangers of downloading music illegally.The campaign, which is supported by the music industry, will distribute a pocket-sized guide to schools and colleges in 21 countries.Childnet says the risks include breach of copyright, the threat of viruses and the loss of privacy and security. music download information campaign helps parents and teachers advise children [news release]
Childnet launched today a global information campaign to explain the world of music downloading to teachers and parents worldwide.This updated pocket-sized guide, supported by Pro-music, the international alliance of music sector groups, will be distributed through schools and colleges, libraries, record stores, teaching portals and websites in 21 countries.The simple, concise guide, ‘Young People, Music and the Internet” aims to help young people use the Internet and mobile phones safely and legally to download music. It comes as millions of people take advantage of the explosion of new ways of accessing music digitally, but still lack clarity on safety and legal issues, on finding legitimate sites, on the basics of copyright and on how to unpick the jargon of digital music.Singer Ronan Keating is backing the new campaign:
“I am a father of three young kids who are all very interested in music and computers, they are forever asking to use the computer to download their favourite songs. There is a constant worry about the security of the internet with children. This new guide helps adults and children to use the internet safely and securely. The internet is a fantastic tool for us all to enjoy.”Stephen Carrick-Davies, Chief Executive of Childnet, said:
“For millions of children and teenagers, the possibilities and the risks of using the Internet and mobile phones starts with the experience of accessing music online. That’s why we’ve worked with the music industry to produce this guide especially for parents and teachers so that they can better support young people. There are so many wonderful online music services but there are risks to children including breach of copyright the threat of viruses, loss of privacy and security. This guide will be of practical help to parents and explain how their children can obtain music legally and safely and get the very best out of the internet.”The information campaign is today endorsed by the European Commission which is taking a leading role in promoting safe Internet use.Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media says:
“The new guide, “Young People, Music and the Internet” is a very good example of an initiative that offers simple, practical advice to parents and teachers to keep young people safe and legal while enjoying music on the Internet. Just like the EU’s Safer Internet programme does it in more general terms, this educational initiative enhances the safety of children and adolescents in the online environment. It will not only help in the fight against illegal content on the Internet, but should help to spark off those vital conversations between parents, teachers and young people that are so essential for promoting responsible behaviour on the Internet.”This latest initiative by Childnet follows on from its first guide for parents about peer-to-peer networks, file-sharing and downloading published in 2005. The first guide was requested by tens of thousands of individual parents, schools, youth groups, libraries and local councils around the world.The new guide:

  • Explains how to download music without exposing the computer to viruses and other security risks
  • Shows what you can copy onto your computer
  • Explains where to find legal sources of music
  • Clarifies what are the basics of copyright and why it’s relevant to online music
  • Gives tips and features a pull-out card for young people covering the basic do’s and don’ts
  • Unpicks the jargon surrounding online music

The initiative is endorsed and actively supported by Pro-Music, the international music sector education campaign aimed at promoting legitimate music online.Pro-Music represents artists, major and independent record companies, managers, music publishers and entertainment retailers.The guide will be available on as well as on, where parents, teachers and young people will be able to access more information on a comprehensive music microsite.It will also be linked through banners from the websites of individual members of Pro-Music and other campaign partners including affiliated charities, online music services, record label websites and on reputable parent-children online resources.Physical copies of the guide will be available in music and computer retail outlets, including Zavvi in the UK, and will be mailed to libraries and schools with an invitation to distribute copies. It will be distributed in the coming months in 21 countries in Europe, Asia, Australasia and North and South America and Africa.Pro-Music will be launching a new website to mark the launch of the leaflet. is designed to be an “all you need to know about music online” information portal. The new-look site will continue to be the largest repository for legal online music stores, but will now also include: new monthly digital charts from around the world; information and advice for those wanting to make it in the music business in the digital era; education tools and resources from around the world to inform parents, teachers, young people, budding artists, business and university administrations, the media and student researchers.This news release is also available from Childnet at

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