World’s Largest New gTLD Backend Registry CentralNic Makes DNS Service Available To All TLD Registries

CentralNic Registry Solutions has announced it is making its DNS service available to all top-level domain (TLD) operators.

CentralNic operates one of the largest and most resilient Registry DNS networks in the world and supports around 42% of all registrations in the new gTLD programme, making it the leading backend provider for new generic Top-Level Domain registries. According to nTLDstats, CentralNic has 13.5 million domains under management, almost 3 times its closest competitor, and 76 new gTLDs for its backend registry services.

It offers industry-leading features such as an unmatched 88 nodes, across every continent except Antarctica. CentralNic’s DNS Network has been operating without a second of downtime for the past 24 years, and at 21 million queries per second its capacity is second to none.

While CentralNic is only now making its DNS available to all TLD registries, its current backend clients have been benefiting from it for many years:

“As a Registry Operator, our primary concern is to ensure that websites using our domain names are always available,” said Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO of Radix, the nTLD registry with the highest number of domains under management. “We have trusted CentralNic’s DNS to ensure the availability of the 5 million domains on our TLDs for the past 6 years. During that time, CentralNic’s DNS has operated faultlessly and has never let us down.”

Due to the proven capacity and resilience of its DNS network, CentralNic has recently introduced a Secondary DNS service for Registry Operators, where DNS traffic is split across both networks in order to provide resilience, improve latency and to enhance DNS redundancy. CentralNic’s Secondary DNS integrates seamlessly with any Primary DNS network brings immediate security and performance benefits to all Registry Operators.

“I have been personally involved in building and operating CentralNic’s DNS infrastructure over the past 19 years,” said Gavin Brown, CIO of CentralNic. “With the increase in DNS attacks, the need for highly responsive, scalable and secure DNS for Registry Operators has never been greater. CentralNic is pleased to now be in a position to offer high quality DNS services to all Registry Operators, whether they are on our Registry platform or not.”

This newly available DNS service makes CentralNic Registry Solutions the most comprehensive support offering of any company for TLD registries, as outlined on the company’s new website ( CentralNic’s services available to Registry Operators include: multiple flexible backend solutions, financial assistance, policy reviews and writing, support in building the local digital economy, globalisation strategies, premium name management, registry locking, Internationalised Domain Name implementation, DNSSEC management, global marketing services, billing and cash collection and registrar management.

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