Workshop on Introduction of .FR IDNs

AFNIC logoA workshop on internationalised domain names will be held by AFNIC, the French registry, on 10 February in the lead up to introduction of IDNs to the .FR ccTLD.

More information is in the news release below:

IDN workshop organised by AFNIC
As part of the opening of the .FR TLD to Internationalised Domain Names (IDN), AFNIC is organising a workshop on the issue in Paris on 10 February 2011. In addition to being a venue for exchanging and sharing information, the workshop is organised around two keynote presentations:

  • “The impact of new IDN characters on SEO and naming strategies”
  • “The rules for opening to IDNs”.

Hosted by Isabel Toutaud, Legal Affairs Director for AFNIC, the workshop will allow speakers and the audience to actively participate in the formulation of the IDN policy for the .fr TLD. It will be attended by a number of well-known personalities on the Internet market:

  • Oliver Garry of the French Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (DILA), Louis Pouzin (Eurolinc), Sylvain Hirch (Iptwins), Michel Alessio (French Ministry of Culture) and Alexander Villeneuve (SEO Camp) will present their vision of the new naming opportunities and the importance of selecting accented characters.
  • Gérard Gourjon (Nameshield), Professor Cédric Manara (specialised in legal issues), Luke Seufer (Eurodns) and Herman Sobrie (EURid) will share their experiences of the various types of opening procedures.

Details of the morning

  • 8:30: Welcome coffee
  • 9:00: Introduction by Stéphane Bortzmeyer
  • 9:15: First round table
  • 11:00: Second round table
  • 13:00: Cocktail Lunch

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