Worker Deaths Raise Questions at an Apple Contractor in China

Last September, a young Chinese laborer named Shi Zhaokun began working long hours at a huge manufacturing plant that produces Apple’s new iPhone 5C.But on Oct. 9, Mr. Shi checked into a hospital, his family says. Soon after, he was pronounced dead of pneumonia. Although his identification papers said he was 20, Mr. Shi was in fact just 15. see:IPhone-Factory Deaths Dog Apple and Supplier
The recent deaths of a 15-year-old and three other workers at an iPhone plant in Shanghai highlight the challenges that Apple Inc. and its suppliers face to maintain worker safety and keep underage people out of factories.In September, 15-year-old Shi Zhaokun began work at Pegatron Corp.’s Shanghai assembly plant using an identification card that said he was 20. A month later, he died of pneumonia.

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