Wireless Fair Set to Stage Mobile Internet Battle

Mobile phone manufacturers, telecom carriers and internet groups and well a few of those interested in domain names for mobile devices are to get together at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona according to a recent Reuters report.

The mobile internet and wireless broadband are the big things with Nokia, Google, Microsoft and Apple all rivals having previously coexisted relatively peacefully.

On the domain name front, Paul Nerger, an executive at dotMobi, told Reuters, “I’ve heard people say many times that this is the year the mobile Web’s going to happen … but this year I’m getting a different feeling.”

“It’s a question of when we get to critical mass. I think it’s this year,” Nerger continues.

Of course, this critical mass can only lead to more demand for mobile internet use, and most likely more demand for .mobi domain names.

To read the complete Reuters report, see uk.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idUKL0729103220080208