WIPO Statistics Show Cybersquatting Decreases… In Proportion To Global Domain Registrations

WIPO have published the total number of cybersquatting cases on their website for 2012. The number, 2879 is higher than any other year, up from 2764 in 2011 and is certain to result in a news release saying how difficult life is for brand owners. The increase equates to approximately 4.2 percent.The number of cases heard though does not relate to the total number of names disputed as one case can cover more than one domain name. In 2011 the 2764 cybersquatting cases covered 4781 domain names.WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organisation) is always a bit disingenuous when it comes to claims relating to cybersquatting, which indeed is a serious issue.So while complaints to Verisign have increased 4.2 percent, total registrations of domain names in the year to the end of September increased by 12 percent according to Verisign’s latest Domain Name Industry Brief.And while Verisign doesn’t hear cybersquatting complaints across all top level domains, it is difficult to know how registrations have increased for the 65 ccTLDs that Verisign hears complaints for as of the end of 2011 as well as a few gTLDs. But even in .com and .net, which have some of the lowest growth rates of the major TLDs, registrations still increased 7.1 percent in the year to the end of September.Plus, as Domain Name Wire has noted, many complaints are ruled invalid and they don’t correlate for all cybersquatting activity.So in about March get ready for a WIPO news release bemoaning how difficult life is, as they did in 2011, for brand owners and how difficult it is to protect their brands online and how cybersquatting is increasing out of proportion!