Windows Phone Marketplace hits 50,000-app mark

Nearly a year and two months after its launch, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace has hit a new milestone.The collection of apps and games that run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices now sits north of 50,000 applications, according to a count by the blog All About Windows Phone. More than a third of those were added in the past three months, and nearly 16 percent within the past 30 days, the site said.To read this CNET report in full, see: see:Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hits 50,000 Apps, Still Lags
The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has passed the 50,000-app mark, according to third-party figures from All About Windows Phone, a significant milestone in Microsoft’s quest to re-conquer the mobile space. But despite the number of Windows Phone 7 apps growing at a brisk pace, the market share of the platform was just 1.5 percent in the third quarter of 2011, Gartner figures show.It took the Windows Phone Marketplace 14 months to reach the 50,000-app mark, while Google needed 19 months to get the same result, and Apple managed to get to the figure in 12 months. Of course, the Google Android Market now has eight times more apps than the Windows Phone Marketplace and Apple’s App Store has more than a half-million apps, so Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do, even though you can find most of the big titles on any of the three platforms.

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