Will Australia’s Telstra be a friendly gorilla?

A brand new gorilla will be roaming the nation’s telecommunications jungle when the Rudd government finishes carving up Telstra to make way for its national broadband network.Telstra was the 800-pound telco gorilla until this week’s separate-or-have-it-done-for-you edict from Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.To read this report from The Australian in full, see:
www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,26084720-21147,00.htmlAlso see:Telstra behind broadband network: Livingstone
Telstra is still firmly behind the federal government’s push for a national broadband network (NBN), according to the telco’s chairwoman, Catherine Livingstone.But she said the government did not need to introduce legislation forcing the separation of Telstra’s wholesale and retail business to create a more level playing field ahead of the rollout of the high-speed network.

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