Wikipedia to stay free as readers rush to the rescue

Users of Wikipedia have seen off a threat that the website would be forced to carry advertisements or charge for access, after one of the most successful online fundraising campaigns ever.The free online encyclopaedia was struggling to raise $6m (£4.1m) to cover its running costs for 2009 and launched a campaign seeking donations on 3 November.Money was coming in at the rate of about $30,000 a day but the drive appeared unlikely to reach its goal, which was $4.5m more than the $1.5m the site raised to cover costs last year. So Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, took the unusual step of publishing a personal appeal for donations, warning that unless the target was reached the site might be forced to start carrying adverts, which at the moment it does not do, and even introduce a subscription fee. proves its popularity with fundraising surge
Good news for all fans of Wikipedia.The nonprofit foundation that runs the online encyclopedia has met its $6 million fundraising goal for this fiscal year until the end of June.The money came pouring in after the site’s founder Jimmy Wales posted an appeal for support on Wikipedia’s pages in late December.

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