Wikipedia to Limit Changes to Articles on People

Wikipedia, one of the 10 most popular sites on the Web, was founded about eight years ago as a long-shot experiment to create a free encyclopedia from the contributions of volunteers, all with the power to edit, and presumably improve, the content.Now, as the English-language version of Wikipedia has just surpassed three million articles, that freewheeling ethos is about to be curbed.Officials at the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit in San Francisco that governs Wikipedia, say that within weeks, the English-language Wikipedia will begin imposing a layer of editorial review on articles about living people. see:Wikipedia to add editing safeguard for the living
Wikipedia will soon be adding a feature to its English-language site that assigns an experienced editor to sign off on any changes to articles on living people, according to Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that runs the user-written online encyclopedia.Confirming a story reported Monday by The New York Times, Wikimedia Foundation spokesman Jay Walsh said the “flagged revisions” feature is already active on the German site, but needs some fleshing out before it goes live to the public on the English site.,39044908,62057154,00.htmWikipedia to launch page controls
The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is on the cusp of launching a major revamp to how people contribute to some pages.The site will require that revisions to pages about living people and some organisations be approved by an editor.This would be a radical shift for the site, which ostensibly allows anyone to make changes to almost any entry.

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