Why The ICANN Board Would Love Transparency by Bret Fausett

Why The ICANN Board Would Love Transparency by Bret Fausett
Last night the members of the GNSO Council and members of the ICANN Board gathered for a working dinner in the main conference facility here in Wellington. The 8:00 p.m. dinner came at the end of a very long day, for everyone, that had begun 12 hours earlier and proceeded apace through a host of different meetings without interruption. Nevertheless, as long as these meetings have become, the GNSO believes that time with the Board is precious, so we insisted that the Board set this time aside. Predictably, given jet lag and the rigors of the day’s meeting schedule, Board members and GNSO Councilors were falling asleep at the table. The topic for the working dinner was IDN TLDs. It was certainly nice to hear the preliminary thoughts of members of the Board on this subject, but I couldn’t help but notice that the time demands on everyone made the meeting less productive that it otherwise might have been.

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