Why Music-Sharing Site Vevo Will Fail

The music video site is modeled on Hulu, but downloading music videos is quite different from downloading TV programsIt makes sense that Vevo, the music video site that was launched as a joint venture by Universal Music and Sony Music, is trying to cast itself as MTV meets Hulu. An unlikely underdog when it entered the scene in early 2007, Hulu — a video platform backed by major broadcasters — sounded to many like a recipe for disaster. We gleefully ridiculed the venture, calling it names, and predicting its imminent demise.Boy, were we wrong. At least in the U.S., Hulu has become practically synonymous with watching TV online. The site served an astonishing 856 million streams in October alone, according to comScore, and a few missteps along the way haven’t managed to hurt the venture much. Clearly, Vevo would like to follow Hulu’s rise to fame. I just don’t think it will happen. Vevo, in its current form, is doomed to fail.

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