Why Internet Access On The Autobahn Is Not A Good Thing [Die Welt]

Satnav, infotainment systems equipped with internet access, web browsing, voice-controlled emailing and tweeting: car manufacturers are continuously finding new ways to divert drivers from the task at hand – driving.It only takes a few seconds – the time to key in a new command on the car’s satnav or entertainment system. And that’s when it happens…A recent case in point was the accident on German autobahn 63, near Kaiserslautern. The driver’s attention was on the technological gadgetry, which led his minibus with four passengers to spin out of control, crash through the guardrail, and shoot across the other side of the freeway straight into a semi-trailer. The result was several severely injured people and 50,000 euros’ worth of material damage.To continue reading this report from Die Welt, go to:

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