Why domain tasting is great!

In the light that there has been an enormous amount of press on how bad domain tasting is “WhizzBang” proposes a contrary view and argues that it’s healthy for the industry. “Domain tasting is great, I love it”, says WhizzBang!! Personally I can’t see such great things about domain tasting, I can’t say WhizzBang and I would ever agree. But I do agree with WhizzBang and let’s get some healthy debate happening here.

WhizzBang also throws down the gauntlet to the other side and invites them to argue their case why domain tasting is bad. While this article was published almost 3 weeks ago, one is unable to tell if WhizzBang has had much luck in getting a debate going in the forum as one is required to register to even see posts. I’ve got so many registrations, I just don’t want to register with another site, especially one whose privacy policies I don’t know, just to look at comments!

But if you want to check out more, see http://whizzbangsblog.com/content/view/240/86/