Why China has so few options to hit back over US ban on TikTok

From ZTE and Huawei Technologies, and TikTok to WeChat, U.S. sanctions against Chinese technology companies have been broad and detrimental. But Beijing’s response has been largely muted.

Beyond official threats and the setting up of a symbolic entity list of its own, China hasn’t reacted with any material actions. That’s because when it comes to retaliating against the world’s absolute tech superpower, China’s options are limited and insufficient. But this does not mean that the U.S. will succeed in maintaining its tech hegemony over the long-term.

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Trump’s attempts to ban TikTok and other Chinese tech undermine global democracy by Philip Mai, Senior Researcher and Director of Business and Communications, Social Media Lab, Ryerson University
The Trump administration aims to purge Chinese tech companies from the United States, and that has consequences for all of us.

U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration recently issued three new national security measures: an expansion of the State Department’s Clean Network initiative and two executive orders. The Clean Network initiative forbids the use of Chinese tech in the U.S. telecom system and prevents app stores such as Google Play and the Apple App Store from offering certain Chinese apps.

Explainer: How the U.S. could block WeChat and TikTok from Americans
President Donald Trump has threatened to ban the short-video app TikTok and messaging service WeChat by late September on grounds that the Chinese-owned apps pose a national security threat. It would mark the first time the United States has attempted to shut down widely used mobile internet apps.

U.S. ban on TikTok could cut it off from app stores, advertisers – White House document
President Donald Trump’s executive order banning China’s TikTok could prevent U.S. app stores from offering the popular short-video app and make advertising on the platform illegal, according to a White House document seen by Reuters.

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