Why Australia’s NBN is bigger than Ben Hur

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has all the trappings of a Hollywood Blockbuster – massive budget, high concept and, oddly, a remarkably similar story structure.Hollywood has been accused of slavishly relying on a standard three act “Hero’s Journey” structure made famous by Jeffrey Katzenberg in his reign at Disney. The NBN seems to be following a similar path.The main characters in a Hollywood story are the hero and his/her antagonist. The hero is the character who is in need of change and the antagonist is the character who causes the change. Think Luke Skywalker as the hero in Star Wars and Obi-Wan Kenobe his antagonist. Luke needed to change from being a brash kid to being a man. Obi-wan caused that change. Or more recently, think Stu from The Hangover. He is a risk averse dentist who needs to start enjoying life. The free-wheeling Phil is his antagonist.Likewise in The NBN Show, we have the Australian telecommunications industry needing to change. Both Telstra and the non-Telstra forces believe strongly that the Australian Telco Industry needs to change. They just disagree on how it needs to change. Our hero in this story is the Australian Telco Industry.To read this report in full from The Age, see:

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