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5 reasons why Aussies love domain names by George Pongas, AusRegistry

AusRegistry NetAU promo bannerThis May we launched our $1 domain name campaign and we are thrilled to see Australians embrace the promotion and register their domain names in droves.

So far, over 25,000 new domain names have been created this month, eclipsing the 6,500 created May last year. This significant spike in registrations can be directly attributed to the AusRegistry promotion, currently supported by participating Registrars.

Why are people responding so well to this campaign? Is it just the price drop, or are there other compelling reasons that are drawing people to domains?

5 reasons Aussies love

Major brands such as the ABC, ACMI, iiNet and Triple J already choose to host their websites on a domain. Other than the special price drop for this month, here are five reasons to register a

1.       Trust

Our research shows Australians trust websites ending in .au because they identify that the domains belong to Australian businesses.

The effective regulation and registration policy reforms over the past 12 years have helped to make a trusted and secure namespace for both registrants and Internet users.

2.       Availability

There are currently 2.8 million .au domain names and only 300,000 of these are The vast majority of domain names in Australia are, which accounts for 2.4 million domains, or 86% of the namespace.

With fewer domain names registered, finding a short, meaningful and memorable domain name is far more likely.

3.       Intrinsic value

For $1, you can’t go wrong with a domain name this month. But how much is domain name really worth? According to IPNeighborhood, more than five domain names have been sold on the aftermarket for more than $10,000, with selling for more than $22,000.

IPNeighborhood also reports the top 100 domain names sold at aftermarket for a cumulative total of $140,293; an average of $1,403 per domain and a median of $609.

4.       Call to action

Australian consumers are very familiar with hearing and seeing and domain names within marketing and advertising material. This conditions us all to navigate the web using .au domain names, making and domain names the best call to action option for businesses.

5.       Versatility

Savvy businesses will register both and domain names. An obvious motivation is for brand protection, however, there are other compelling reasons. For example, you can use domain names to separate technical applications related to your online presence. Or with so many available domains – a makes a great campaign vehicle.

We registered domain for our promotion for this very reason!

With five great reasons and only five days remaining in our campaign, there has never been a better time to register a domain name.

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