Who’s Behind Web3?

If you haven’t been drawn into the growing hype over Web3, where have you been? I kid. It’s mostly just people arguing about what it is exactly; what it will mean; and — since tech has always been an industry populated by narcissists — who’ll be king of it all.

That last one is also kind of a joke, so relax. But, if like most of us, you’re still scratching your head about Web3, think of it as the next phase of the internet following Web1 (broadly, websites and browsers) and Web2 (encompassing apps, social media and mobile) that’s meant to be a more decentralized internet run on blockchain, the technology that underpins things like cryptocurrency and NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, that are all the rage. If it functions as imagined, Web3 will bring more power into the hands of creators and away from the mega-corporations like Google, Facebook and Amazon that have dominated the current iteration of the internet.

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