Who’s afraid of IPv4 address depletion? Apparently no one

Who’s afraid of IPv4 address depletion asks Network World? Their finding, not IT professionals, according to a survey they report on by BT INS, a Californian consulting firm. The survey finds “16% of IT professionals consider IPv4 address depletion `a huge concern that has or will soon force us to migrate to IPv6,’ according to the 310 IT professionals interviewed in December 2007. The survey also found “26% of IT professionals felt IPv4 address depletion was `no concern.’ These survey respondents said they can use network address translation combined with VPNs to alleviate the problem. The majority of respondents — 58% — said they had some concern about IPv4 address depletion but `not enough by itself to cause us to migrate to IPv6 in the near term.'”One plus the survey found was “IT professionals see value in many features of IPv6. More than 75% of survey respondents said IPv6 features such as built-in security, better quality of service, expanded address space and routing enhancements were extremely or somewhat valuable. … When asked what would help them convince upper management to deploy IPv6, 24% said case studies showing a positive return on investment for IPv6, 22% said case studies linking IPv6 solutions to business drivers, and 18% said case studies showing how IPv6 helped a company achieve a competitive advantage.” There was also a large “number of IT professionals who don’t see any need to upgrade to IPv6. The number of survey respondents who said IPv6 does not provide benefits to their network infrastructures rose from 33% in 2005 to 49% in 2007.”To read the full article, see: