Whois Privacy Stalemate…Again by Milton Mueller

Mueller has a 1,200 word “essay” on the ICANN Whois working group, saying that rather it having finished this week, it was “finished off”. He notes that “trust and agreement among the parties broke down completely” meaning the working group “report has zero chance of gaining the 2/3 majority required to become an approved policy of the GNSO Council in its current form. It is unclear what the Board will make of it.”Mueller says of the “proposed the “Operational Point of Contact” (OPoC) reform that formed the basis of the Group’s work” that it “is hard to believe that such a miniscule change could generate three months of contentious work by nearly 60 people.” Mueller said, “The problem was that the intellectual property owners and to some extent also the LEAs wanted to offer a minimal amount of data protection with one hand, and then take most of it away with the other.Mueller concludes saying the working group started out well, but “as time wore on, the trust and credibility of the group deteriorated rapidly as the most intransigent corporate and LEA interests came face to face with the fact that reforms might actually restrict access to data they wanted, and the registrars realized that reforms might cost them money.”