Who Will The New .DK Registry Operator Be?

Denmark National IT and Telecom Agency logoEarly April was the deadline for proposals to the Danish Telecommunication Agency for the management of the .DK Registry.

There were at least two proposals to manage the .dk registry reports De Dominibus – one was from the current registry operator, while the other was the dotDK Foreningen venture that originally included ICANN’s Internationalised Domain Names guru Tina Dam and Afilias. DotDK’s application is available here. Dam has withdrawn from the dotDK bid due to personal reasons.

DotDK claim to be a Danish Association controlled by the Danish internet community and their wholly owned subsidiary dotDK ApS will run the registry services. dotDK ApS will, through an agreement with its technical supplier Afilias, provide a Denmark based but globally diversified infrastructure for the .dk domain.

Tender documents and further information released by Denmark’s National IT and Telecom Agency are available from their website here although remember submissions closed on April 1.