Where have you gone? Public participation on .post conundrum

Kieren McCarthy writing on the ICANN Blog says, “There is a letter from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to ICANN concerning the use of their sTLD .post that may well have important implications for the future evolution of the domain name system.”Kieren goes on to say:
This letter was received on 5 September and immediately posted on ICANN’s website. The letter specifically expressed the wish to have the Internet community’s feedback on its proposals, and so the next day, ICANN purposefully opened up a public comment period on it.That comment period was officially announced and posted on ICANN’s front page. It was sent out in an RSS feed and a news alert. And the comment period was noted and posted on the public comment webpage.The comment period closes in one day (6 October) and so far there have so far been no comments at all from the community.In Kieren’s posting, he asks are people not fully aware of what the consultation means and its implications?, Or are people genuinely not interested in commenting on the proposals? Or are they not aware of them? Did people see the announcement but not understand its significance? Is the format clear, or not clear enough? Is there more or better ways of flagging up ICANN’s work to people?To read all of Kieren’s post, see blog.icann.org/?p=203

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