Where do the Swiss live who have registered the most .ch domain names?

SWITCH, the .ch registry, have released an interesting analysis of where registrants come from of .ch domain names. As could be expected given its concentration of businesses, Zurich has the highest concentration of domain names with 102,334 domain names as of end 2007. Bern (32,106), Basel (27,980) and Geneva (19,287) follow. The analysis also shows one in every ten Swiss residents has registered a .ch domain name.On their website, SWITCH has an interactive map that shows how the density of domain names per region has grown year by year. If you check it out, have a little bit of patience as the changes are gradual. But you will notice a “reddening” of the map, particularly in the north of the country. There are two maps – one shows the total concentration of domain names per municipality, while the other shows the number of domain names per person in each municipality.To check out the SWITCH news release and interactive maps, see switch.ch/about/news/2008/Domain-Dichte.html.

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