When Free Speech and German Law Collide on Facebook

American authorities are fining companies like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank billions of dollars for violating the law. In Germany, though, where Facebook is allowing mass violations of hate speech legislation, the government is letting the social media platform get away scot-free.On February 20th, Berlin actress Jennifer Ulrich posted a video on her Facebook page documenting events in Clausnitz, a small town in the eastern state of Saxony. The video shows residents surrounding a bus filled with refugees and police pulling the terrified passengers out in order to protect them from the angry mob. “I am very ashamed right now of being German when I see the images from Clausnitz,” Ulrich wrote. “My blood freezes in my veins when I see such inhumanity and hatred.”Ulrich has had a Facebook page since May 2013. She generally shares photos from films she’s working on or from public appearances and adds a nice comment. Those interested in her posts tend to be either colleagues or fans.

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