WhatsApp in Brazil temporarily suspended

WhatsApp was temporarily suspended in Brazil after a judge said the company had failed to hand over information requested in a criminal investigation.The third suspension in two years lasted for a few hours, affecting millions of users.But Supreme Court judge Ricardo Lewandowski later lifted the nationwide blockage, saying it was disproportionate.
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-36836674Also see:WhatsApp Is Briefly Shut Down in Brazil for a Third Time
For months, authorities in Brazil have sought access to digital data from WhatsApp to aid in criminal investigations. WhatsApp has repeatedly resisted the requests.On Tuesday, the same clash erupted again, for the third time in less than a year. A Brazilian judge in a state criminal court in Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro, ordered a nationwide shutdown of WhatsApp after the popular messaging service, which is owned by Facebook, did not turn over user data requested by authorities as part of a criminal investigation. A few hours later, Brazil’s Supreme Court overturned the order.
http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/20/technology/whatsapp-is-briefly-shut-down-in-brazil-for-a-third-time.htmlBrazil judge briefly blocks WhatsApp over criminal case
A Brazilian judge briefly blocked Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp messaging service on Tuesday for failing to cooperate in a criminal investigation, before the nation’s top court overturned the measure in the third such incident since December.Federal Supreme Court President Ricardo Lewandowski said in a decision that it seemed “scarcely reasonable or proportional” for a judge in Rio de Janeiro state to have ordered the indefinite suspension of the messaging app until it revealed encrypted messages pertaining to a confidential case.

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