What’s in an ‘i’? Internet governance

What’s in an ‘i’? Internet governance
This article in the IHT begins with a discussion at the recent ITU conference in Turkey that wanted to lower-case the ‘i’ in Internet. David Gross from the US State Department didn’t know whether this was significant or not. He ended up believing the move was insignificant, although others were of a differing opinion, believing this was the latest move for the ITU to gain control of the Internet. Debate on who should control the internet is often controversial, with the role of ICANN continually questioned, especially amongst those from smaller and/or third world countries. Smaller/third world countries often say an international body taking over ICANN’s role is the only way for them to have a say in the DNS structure. However Paul Twomey says “Internationally, the world will see that the U.S. government is beginning to walk the talk …The transition is now in the hands of the international community.”

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