What would the internet be like had there been no ICANN? by Karl Auerbach

Karl Auerbach in asking the above question wonders what would have happened had the US government not renewed the Network Solutions contract ten years ago. Karl’s answer is that “Without an ICANN we would today have greater innovation in the internet name space. Domain name prices would be lower, consumer choice would be greater, and the internet would have greater resilience to failures than it has today. The road we did not take would have been the better choice.”Karl concludes his 4,500 word essay: “And to finish on a final note that is neither hypothetical nor an alternative history: One of the things that neither ICANN, nor governments, nor many users are not realizing is that someday enough people might wake up, question the dogma of the single “authoritative” catholic root. They, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, already have the power to overturn the status quo. Users of the net can simply, and without the need to ask permission from anyone or coordination with anyone, turn the technical knobs on their DNS software and make the entire legal, regulatory, and governance edifice fall to the ground – while the net keeps on running without missing a beat.”To read all of Karl’s essay, see his blog at www.cavebear.com/cbblog-archives/000331.html