What to Expect at ICANN 51: A Guide for Business Stakeholders

Please join ICANN‘s North American engagement team, Christopher Mondini and Joseph Catapano, for a pre-ICANN51 webinar for business participants.

  • Date: Thursday, 25 September 2014

This webinar is meant as an introduction to how the business sector contributes to domain name policies. The presentation is designed for people from the private sector new to the ICANN Community and interested in the upcoming ICANN 51 public meeting in Los Angeles.

Specifically, the webinar will profile diverse constituencies within the Commercial Stakeholders Group of the Generic Names Supporting Organization.

Presenters include:

  1. Elisa Cooper – ICANN Business Constituency
  2. Kristina Rosette – ICANN Intellectual Property Constituency
  3. Christian Dawson – ICANN ISPs and Connectivity Providers Constituency

To RSVP and learn how to access the webinar, please follow this link: http://goo.gl/kqhD3z

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