What Murdoch Still Doesn’t Get About the Internet

Like most media giants, the boss of News Corp. doesn’t grasp that content is now a service, not a product[GigaOm] Rupert Murdoch knows who’s winning the war between big media and the Internet. Unsurprisingly, it’s Rupert Murdoch. “Without content, the ever-larger and flatter screens, the tablets, the e-readers, and the increasingly sophisticated mobile phones would be lifeless,” he proclaimed when News Corp. posted unexpectedly strong fiscal 2010 second-quarter earnings. “Devices and platforms are proliferating, but this clever technology is merely an empty vessel without any great content. “Murdoch danced a lively jig for investors as he bragged about his company’s ability to thrive in the media tumult caused by the Internet. I’m not buying it. News Corp. may be getting a big lift from Avatar right now, but like any big media company, it still has a lot of learning, experimenting, and failing to do before it can really start to monetize the Web. The arrival of the iPad and other tablet devices may, in time, make that easier. But first they will make it much harder by speeding up the process of adaptation.

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