What do you get in a domain name ?

The plan was foolproof.

It started fermenting in our heads after a radical online shakeup was announced this week. As of next year, it seems, we’re going to be freed of the shackles of .com, .net, .org, and their cronies. To date, every Internet address has had to end in such “top-level domains,” be they generic like .com, or country-specific domains like Canada’s .ca. Under the new rules, however, every top-level domain under the sun will be up for grabs.

The top level domains will reportedly cost upward of $100,000, one of those funny numbers that’s either two years’ salary or pocket change, depending on where you find yourself. Someone with the wherewithal will be able to buy the .dog domain, and then rent out subdomains to anyone wanting to put up their poodle site in style. Someone else could snap up the .camera domain, and hive off chunks of it to camera makers and photography sites alike.

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