What ccTLD Will Be Huge? Asks Online Poll

While you could call it a meaningless poll, for those who want to voice their opinion on what ccTLD will be huge in years to come there is a poll currently underway that allows you to vote.

Currently for reasons not based on any scientific research analysis, .CO (Colombia) is currently leading the way with 27 per cent of the vote followed by .IN (India) with 16 per cent. .US (United States is third with eight per cent while .CN (China) and .DE (Germany) both have five per cent of the vote and .BR (Brazil) has four per cent of the vote.

To voice your opinion, go to answers.polldaddy.com/poll/2274716/.

Personally, if there was some logic to this I would see .BR, .RU, .IN and .CN as those that will become huge, or in the case of .CN it already is, but it should become much bigger. These are the ccTLDs for the BRIC countries, while.MX (Mexico) also has huge potential. Another that is not even represented is .ID (Indonesia) that comes under “other”.

And what do they mean in years to come? Do they mean we should include ccTLDs that are already huge, or is the question badly phrased and mean only ccTLDs that are small now and will experience significant growth.