Website bomb-making lessons to be outlawed across Europe

Placing instructions on how to make a bomb on the internet will become a criminal offence across Europe under plans outlined by Brussels yesterday.Arguments about freedom of expression will not be allowed to stand in the way of criminalising the publication of bomb-making information that could be used by terrorists, a senior EU official said…. “It should simply not be possible to leave people free to instruct other people on the internet on how to make a bomb – that has nothing to do with freedom of expression,” Mr Frattini said yesterday. “My proposal will be to criminalise actions and instructions to make a bomb because it is too often that we discover websites that contain complete instructions for homemade bombs.”… EU officials denied that it would be impossible to track down websites based in remote places, insisting that the local provider based in the EU could be held to account. see:
Q&A: Censoring the net
Q. Is it possible to police content that is posted online?
A. It is extremely difficult. There are many hundreds of millions of pages on the internet; some are hosted on servers in Europe, a great many are hosted abroad. Even if the EU passed a law placing responsibility on EU-based internet service providers (ISPs) to police content on their servers, it would not apply to servers based outside the EU.

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