Webinar: ICANN Participation in the Internet Governance Forum

ICANN logoYou are invited to participate in an informal webinar about ICANN‘s participation in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on Friday, 22 August at 16:00 UTC.

The webinar will provide a brief overview of the ICANN related sessions at the IGF in Istanbul from 1-5 September, and will provide an opportunity for members of the community and staff to discuss collaboration opportunities.


Introduction – Sally Costerton
Purpose of ICANN‘s participation in IGF – Tarek Kamel
Overview of ICANN related activities at the Istanbul IGF – Baher Esmat
Collaboration opportunities at the IGF

Webinar Details

Date: Friday, 22 August 2014
Time: 16:00 UTC (Time zone conversions can be found here: ow.ly/ArlQl)
Adobe Connect: https://icann.adobeconnect.com/gseadmin/
Adigo phone information:

  • US Access Number: 213 233 3193
  • US Toll Free Access Number: 800 550 6865

Conference ID: 298475
International Adigo phone numbers: adigo.com/icann/

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