Webinar: How to Investigate Malicious Domains using DomainTools and ThreatConnect – 23 August

DomainTools logoThe more information you have about a potential threat, the better you can defend against it. In order to stay ahead of malicious actors, it is crucial that security teams add context and enrichment to their threat data. The DomainTools Spaces App for ThreatConnect arms users with access to a number of unique datasets with critical actor-centric intelligence on domain names including domain profile data, IPs, and Whois data.

Join Director of Business Development at DomainTools, Mark Kendrick and Threat Intelligence Researcher at ThreatConnect, Kyle Ehmke to better understand the key capabilities and benefits of this new integration.

The webinar will be held today, 23 August, at 10:00 United States Pacific Time, 13:00 US Eastern Time.

This webinar will cover:

  • How ThreatConnect and DomainTools work together to deliver valuable actor-centric intelligence
  • An in depth look at DomainTools data within ThreatConnect (including domain profile data, reverse pivots, historical identities)
  • A real-world example of how DomainTools and ThreatConnect work in tandem throughout an investigation into Fancy Bear infrastructure

About the Speakers

Kyle Ehmke – Threat Intelligence Researcher, ThreatConnect

Kyle Ehmke is a threat intelligence researcher with ThreatConnect and has eight years of experience as a cyber intelligence analyst previously in the Intelligence Community and within the healthcare sector. Kyle has followed a wide range of cyber threats ranging from the Middle East and Extremists to, more recently, those specifically affecting the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. He is also actively involved with ThreatConnect’s research into Russian election activity and targeted efforts against Bellingcat, WADA, and others.


Mark Kendrick – Director of Business Development, DomainTools

Mark has spent over eight years at DomainTools helping major brand holders, cyber security companies, large Internet organizations and leading incident responders investigate online threats with DNS and Whois data. He has held engineering and product leadership roles at the company, led business development and partner integration activities, and pioneered sales relationships with major public and private organizations. Mark now leads partnership discussions with leading cybersecurity product companies and manages relationships with DomainTools customers in the public sector.